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October, 2003
The new BB350 has more lead plates than before. It also has heavy internal connectors and seperators.

October, 2003
::: Dresser Fat Tire Kits
Dresser fat tire kit parts list start as low as


*NEW BB314
The new BB 314 battery frombigboarpromises to be the solution to thousands of Harley owners! The new bb314 is 5/16in shorter than the bb350! And has a full 300 cold cranking amps! The new batterymeasures 5 9/16 in. tallx 6in. long x 3 7/16in. wide. There are countless custom bikes now- a- days that doesnt have enough room under the seat for a full size battery. We all know what happens when you try to use a battery that is too small and or doesnt have enough power to spin that Large V- twin engine! Break downs, melted battery cables, fried starters, etc.Not to mention the Embarrasment of not being able to start your BIKE! The BB 314 has 70 more cold cranking amps thanBigBoars mini 312 battery! it also fits V- Rods, and Sportsters 2004-2011! It comes with a full one years warranty, free replacement, fromBigBoarProduct

Battery Polarity

* All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

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