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::: The Dragon

Ed Young's new bike is bound for glory. These photos show it under construction and without paint. Check out the pedigree parts list. Kendall Johnson 113" motor, Rolling Thunder Eddie Trotta Frame, 280 Tire, single side swingarm, Baker 6-speed trans, Webber carb, Performance Machine wheels, brakes & controllers, Fat Katz gas tank, Inverted front end, etc.... This is the second bike which Big Boar Products has built for Ed. His first bike can be found in the publication section of this website under Daytona Dynamite.

Stay tuned as the bike is being painted at the moment................................................................

Move mouse over pictures on the left to see the image on the right.

..:::Before Body Shop

..:::At the Body Shop  
..::Body Shop painted  
This is the body painted
..:Painted back from Body Shop - Getting closer  
Assembled and ready for show
"Cherokee Survivors 2004 Fall Rally, First Place, Most Radical!" - Ed Young
Hawgtober Fest 2004, Lenoir City, October 16th
Awards - Best Custom, Peoples Choice, Best in Show
Music City Bike Show - 2005
My classification was 'hand built Custom Chopper'. In the collective
bike shot, you will see my competition for class included the hubless
monster Billy Lane built and won his competition over Roger Borgette and
Chico's blue bike that he defeated the Georgia builder, both in the
Discovery Channel Biker Build off shows, Yes, gang, they were my
competition! Two other custom built beauties also included my class.

Apparently the judges looked favorably on the Dragon, and in fact a
number of people who looked at the other bikes remarked how they were
unique, but liked the style of mine better. When classification were
called, I won first place in my class!

Nashville Thunder Roads Bike Show - 2005 - 2nd place
The show was the Biker Designs Spring Thaw, Smyrna, Tennessee, March 26th. The Dragon took FIRST PLACE in class, Radical Custom Chopper and BEST PAINT of all.
Saturday, April 9th, 2005
The Conasauga Valley Bike Show & Run
Best Of Show
1st Place, Chopper Catagory
April 17th, 2005
Spring 2005 Grand Run XXII
Win-Ultimate 5

May 20,21,22 2005
Wakin the Dragon

Best of Show and Best Display


July 24th
Masters Auto Expo

Smoky Mountain Harley Davidson 1st Anniversary Party
Grand Run in Pigeon Forge
MADD Car Show, Grace Baptist Church
October 15th, 2005
Best Engine
Best Motorcycle
The DRAGON Setup
Four dragon castles surround the corners with black chains stretched between, but held in the middle by dragon canes. Facing the bike, left front holds a box of information slips of particulars on the bike. Right front is a boiling caldron (smoking water) with a dragon coming out of the smoke. Left rear holds The Dragon display helmet while right rear do dads that have been given to me of dragons. Under the glass top of two opposing ends, strobes
flash various patterns to light The Dragon. Note the special decorative
dragon key in the slot, display only. All this on two dragon rugs bound together because I could not find the a dragon rug, single piece, of the right size, 10'X10'. By the way, big thanks to Jim and Tina who came to our house and helped plan this set up.

Music City Bike Show

While the show was a good one and viewers got their money worth, set up and take down was a nightmare I will not bother you with details. It was perhaps one of the hardest wins The Dragon has ever done. My class was 'Hand Built Choppers' of which there seemed no end and the quality was just fantastic. I told Brenda that there was a chance I would be coming home empty handed, it was that close.

When winners were announced, The Dragon brought it home again, First in Class. I won a Gibson Epiphone guitar to add to the collection. The event was sponsored by Epiphone and Hooters. Epiphone reps photographed me with the bike and I was unable to get a copy but told I could later. The Hooter girls were photographed with The Dragon, without me, and I was able to shoot it.

American Iron Magazine April 2006
Rally in the Valley 2006
Bent Fork Bike Fest 2006

Knoxville Motor Sports and Expo Bike Show, by Appleton Motorcycles. January 6-7, 2007
The competition was by far the best The Dragon has ever been against. The quality of machines in my class as well as others was just incredible. The Dragon did very well and won.

1st Place in Hand Built Chopper
Best Paint of Show


The Dragon has made another magazine, a two page spread. I meet the people at the recent Knoxville Bike show and gave them photos and information. The new, (March) edition has a two page spread. A couple pieces of the information is a bit off, but pretty close.

For those keeping score, that makes eleven (11) magazines and three newspapers.

Bent Fork Bike Fest 2007

Peoples Choice
Best Paint of Show
Best Display of Show
3rd in Class


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