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::: Dresser Fat Tire Kit


::: BB350
The new BB350 has more lead plates than before. It also has heavy internal connectors and seperators.



This picture shows the trailer from the side, showing the hitch in the lower towing position. You can see the extremely steep angle of my very short ramp here. As you can see, I was actually able to cut 3 ft. off my old ramp and still load perfectly.
In this photo you can clearly see the hitch in the lower position, and how level the trailer sits here. This is just a closeup of the empty trailer in the towing position as in the previous photo.

In this rear view you can see how the ramp is too steep to load anything in this towing position.

Step 4
We have now tilted the trailer for loading, and you can see the difference in ramp angle. Actually, we got all the tilt we needed by just going up to the 4th hole in the TiltaHitch.
Step 5
This photo shows the tilted position of the Tilt-A-Hitch, with only the 4th hole needed to level our ramp.
Step 6
This photo speaks for itself.
Step 7
All we have to do here is strap it down, lower it to the desired towing position, and travel. I hope to see you in Daytona!
****Stories and pictures taken from Tilt-A-Hitch website.


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