FXR Fat Tire Kit

FXR Fat Tire Kit

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Includes swingarm, offset kit, 180 or 200 mm tire, steel fender, all necessary hardware and instructions. frame modification required. Stock belt


1 Fat Tire Swing Arm (raw finish)**

1 3/8" Offset Front Motor Mount, chrome

1 Rear Axle Set includes:

1 4150 chrome axle

1 lock washer, chrome

1 axle hex nut, chrome

1 flat washers, chrome

2 Polished Rear Axle Spacers

2 Aluminum Transmission Spacers (long right side, short left side)

1 Left Foot Peg Mount Spacer (rectangular 2-hole bracket)

2 Axle Ajuster Plates, chrome

4 Shock Stud Spacers

1 8 1/4" Rear Fender, Steel

Pricing subject to change w/o notice.

Item cannot be ordered from website due to certain specifications.  Please call 865-458-8640 for instruction.