The Big Boar Band

The Big Boar Band At the recent Knoxville Motorcycle Show and Nashville Music City Motorcycle Show, motorcycles built or modified by Big Boar Products brought home enough guitars to start their own band! Why guitars, both shows were sponsored by Bad Apple Productions, (a division of Appleton Motorcycles), along with Gibson/Epiphone Guitars. Awards of guitars were given for first place in each class instead of trophies. The awards were presented by Dr. Ephiphone himself (aka Will Jones) and the beautiful Hooter girls.

In the Dyna class of the Knoxville show, Big Boar motorcycles swept the class. Second place was won by the Big Boar signature bike. This ground up build started with a Big Boar frame with two inches stretch and thirty five degrees rake in the front and a 200 mm rear tire. A 1 cu in V-twin engine receives additional blow from a Aerocharger Turbo with enough go to make any speed freak happy. Dave Perewitz forks hold American Made “Jesse” rims with stopping power from Performance Machine six piston brakes. The Big Boar logo paint was supplied by Mik Ofsak. More on this bike can be seen at: 17

First place in Dyna was a Big Boar modified owned by B Sellers. The bike started life as a 2000 Harley Wide Glide bu quickly morphed. The bike was originally to receive a Big Boar wide tire kit, but things got carried away and the bike was totally rebuilt. The bike was disassembled and the frame clipped, the engine bored, with racing parts replacing the stock. Performance Machine wheels and brakes were mou while the body was taken to Ballowe Artistry where the tank was stretch molded to a custom seat before a coat of burgundy fla over pearl was added. A helmet was painted to match the bike as a final touch. New handlebars, stainless steel lines and enough new chrome to blind you finished the reassembly. More photos of Brenda’s bike can be found at: renda t nted ed and mes

In the “Chopper Hand Built” class, another Big Boar ground up build brought home two first place guitars. Known as ‘The Dragon’, this bike was designed by owner Ed Young over a three month period. When he brought his design ideas and drawing to Big Boar, they immediately got busy ordering and fabricating parts, most of which were hand made. After a year and a half build and paint, The Dragon came to life and has been claiming its place in shows and publications ever since. A Rolling Thunder f sets the base for this ten foot long ride which is powered by a Kenda Johnson 133 cu. in. engine with two speed to an Eddie Trotta single side swing arm before reaching the massive 280 rear and putting 132 horse power t ground. The inverted Spyke front end has been stretched and provides a total of fifty degrees rake in the front end. A hand rolled Fat Catz tank was further modified to flow with the bod work done on English wheel by David Monday, making the entir machine flows as one. Mik again provided paint and body work to complete the dragon motif. The Dragon has been featured in VTwin magazine as well as multiple other publications. First place guitars for first in class plus ‘Best Paint’ of the show will be added to other trophies The Dragon has brought home. The Dragon has it’s own web page at: rame ll Minkuni carbs. Power flows through a Baker six tire o the y e where you can see photos of the bike during build, as it was painted and a record of wins and publications.

The following weekend saw the bike world attention go to Nashville for the Nashville Music City Motorcycle Show. Brenda and Ed were unavailable to take their respective rides, but Aaron took the Big Boar Signature to carry on the winning ways. At the end of the two day show, the bike took home the first place trophy in class.